[Madison, Wis.] – Natural Resource Development Association Communications Director Nathan Conrad released the following statement in regards to the contested case brought on by Midwest Environmental Advocates and Clean Wisconsin against Meteor Timber:

“Instead of working together to make progress, extreme environmental groups like Clean Wisconsin and Midwest Environmental Advocates would rather obstruct the process and obfuscate reality by bringing baseless lawsuits. Meteor Timber has acted in good faith to help create a nearly 40-to-1 acre reclamation plan and their efforts have fallen on deaf ears. This is a reasonable agreement that finds a solution to support both our economy and our environment — and if this plan fails, 300 acres will be lost to clear cutting, animals will be run off, and the landscape will be anything but pristine.”


  • On top of DNR mitigation requirements – Meteor Timber has offered more than 450 additional acres to be placed into a conservation easement in perpetuity – this would bring the total of untouched or reclaimed acres to more than 1,000.

  • The project in total will touch 16 acres of private land, that if not responsibly developed will be clear cut by the owner to ensure financial viability. In addition to the 16 acres for the project the owner would clear cut at least another 285 acres.

  • Meteor Timber has pledged thousands of dollars to create a habitat for the Karner Blue Butterfly, an endangered species.

  • All settlement offers sent by Meteor Timber have not been responded to by Midwest Environmental Advocates or Clean Wisconsin.

  • This project will include nearly 300 immediate construction jobs that will help the local economy flourish.

  • Once this project is up and running it will bring more than 100 long term, family supporting jobs to the community.

  • Overall this project would be a $70 million dollar investment by Meteor Timber into the local community.