Northern Wisconsin is home to some of the region’s most abundant and valuable natural resources. Minerals like copper are in high demand because they are among the key components of clean energy technology essential to our green economy. The International Energy Agency reports that to achieve a goal of net zero carbon emissions by 2050, mineral inputs by 2040 must increase six times what they are today. Being able to tap into the resources in Wisconsin and around the country is the first step in realizing the incredible potential that our natural resources have in helping grow green, renewable energy such as wind and solar power.  

Wisconsin could provide important contributions to the green economy to help decrease carbon emissions and increase the amount of energy that comes from sustainable sources.

Mining has always been important to Wisconsin, but the majority of metallic mining laws have not changed much in 40 years. Wisconsin’s statewide mining moratorium, passed in 1998, left our state on the sidelines while many of our neighboring states progressed with mining projects of their own. 

But in recent years, the Natural Resource Development Association worked alongside Wisconsin legislators to pass the Mining for America Act. Now, after years of sitting on the sidelines, the state finally has the opportunity to see fantastic economic growth while keeping in place sound environmental controls that will keep Wisconsin’s land pristine for generations to come.

Sound practices and technological advancements, which are encouraged by the input of the resource development community, will bring jobs and economic growth to communities that have been devastated for decades by burdensome regulations and economic stagnation. Thoughtful, well-regulated mining can be done safely while making important contributions to today’s green economy. But more importantly, mining in Wisconsin will help to secure our domestic supply chain to provide a supply of minerals we rely on more and more in our daily lives. Mining in the United States will also help curb the reliance on other countries who are not bound by our stringent environmental and labor laws.

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Well-regulated mining can be done safely, and will create good-paying jobs and boost the economy of local communities.