Throughout Wisconsin, countless stories have been circulated that highlight owners and developers who have had their building plans stopped or dramatically delayed, at tremendous cost, due to the Badger State’s current permitting process for land development.

The majority of wetlands are federal wetlands and they are an important piece of Wisconsin’s diverse geography. It is fundamentally necessary to strike a proper balance between the protection of high quality wetlands while still allowing for the state’s economy to advance.

The Natural Resource Development Association advocates on behalf of reforms that will help improve the permitting process and streamline the ability for business and environmental interests to work together on processes that maintain and build upon high quality wetlands.


Natural Resource Development Association Letter to Legislators (DOWNLOAD)
February 28 – Letter to Legislators – AB 956 Amendments (DOWNLOAD)
March 6 – Letter to Legislators – AB 956 (DOWNLOAD)

Vital regulatory reform would help enhance the development of areas that are not federal wetlands, while keeping Wisconsin’s landscape pristine.