Natural Resource Development Association – The Truth About Mining

Industries of all kinds have developed and evolved over time to ensure that responsible resource development can and will help economic and environmental interests work hand in hand.

Automotive, telecommunications, timber, and rail industries have all encountered past issues that put economic interests at odds with environmental interests. These heated differences went by the wayside when industry and environmental interests began to work together to create an opportunity for innovation to thrive across all of these industries.

Today, the modern mining industry is doing the same. Mining companies want to work with their local communities to ensure safe and environmentally sound resource development is the standard in for modern mining.

This can be seen most readily at the currently running Eagle Mine in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

At this mine, the company, communities and regulators have come together to find common ground and encourage responsible resource development.

There has been a resurgence in interest in mining in Wisconsin since the enactment of Act 134, the 2017 law that removed Wisconsin’s mining moratorium but retained Wisconsin’s strong environmental standards.

With renewed interest comes questions about the industry, and this site is designed to answer those questions.

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Mission Statement

The Natural Resource Development Association supports policies that lead to proper, necessary, and conscientious resource development and conservation. By engaging community leaders, laborers, manufacturers, and job creators in the legislative and decision-making process, the association will help create an open atmosphere for resource development that is both environmentally sound and economically beneficial for Wisconsin.