[Madison, Wis.] – Yesterday, the Wisconsin State Senate passed, by a wide margin, the Mining for America Act. This landmark legislation removes a 20-year-old moratorium on mining in the Badger State, allowing for a clear permitting process to begin if a company were interested in potentially opening a mine in Wisconsin.

Highlighting public support for the bill, the Natural Resource Development Association note that a 62% supermajority say they would be more likely to support allowing metallic mining when they are informed of the economic benefits of mining.

This necessary policy change will finally put the miner on the state flag back to work after two decades on the unemployment line.

In case you missed it:

Capital Times – Bill to end Wisconsin’s effective sulfide mining moratorium heads to Scott Walker’s desk
Legislation to lift Wisconsin’s effective moratorium on sulfide mining is on its way to Gov. Scott Walker’s desk after passing the state Senate on a 19-14 vote Tuesday.

Associated Press – Wisconsin Senate lifts mining moratorium
Republican lawmakers took their final steps toward lifting Wisconsin’s nearly 20-year ban on gold and silver mining on Tuesday, pushing a bill that would eliminate the prohibition through the state Senate and on to Gov. Scott Walker.

When asked about Governor Walker’s position on the legislation, his spokesman responded:

… “As the governor has said, if there’s any state in the country that should be able to conduct safe and environmentally sound mining, it should be the Badger State,” Evenson wrote….

WisPolitics – Senate signs off on sulfide mining bill, sending it to guv’s desk
The bill passed on a 19-14 vote, containing a key amendment the Assembly OK’d last week that won the support of enough GOP senators to pass it tonight.